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Counselling center at SJCC

A Report on the activities of the Counselling Center
For the holistic development of the students, the college has a counselling department comprising of four full time counsellors who provide a safe space of confidentiality, free from judgment and intrusion, for students to share the concerns and challenges they face. Counselling aids them into becoming socially aware, sensitive individuals. A guest lecture was organised where Mr. Albert from the ‘Abhayam De-Addiction’ Centre was invited to speak to students about the ill effects of addiction and the causes of addiction. A National Conference on ‘Well-being of the emerging generation: Challenges and Approaches’ was organized to address the generation gap and the changes in workplace due to the same. A seminar on ‘Prevention of Sexual Harassment’ for all first and second year students to educate and sensitize them on the topics of harassment, various types of abuse, and prevention of abuse. Seminars were held for third year students on topics like anger management, stress management, assertiveness and conflict resolution.

Personal Counselling:
At SJCC we believe in the holistic development of the students, which includes the emotional and mental wellbeing. Students, at this juncture of their life, face difficulties in academics, relationships, career, etc. The College has four full time counsellors who meet students for one-on-one personal counselling sessions, to deal with issues related to grief, peer-pressure, anxiety, etc. Through personal development and self-awareness, counsellors aim to help students develop into socially aware and sensitive individuals. Counsellors create a safe environment for the student to share what is bothering them and provide the support to face their challenges. Through their three years at SJCC the studentsknow that they have a place to go to share whatever is on their mind, without fearing any judgment.

Human Resource Development Sessions:
Seeing the trend of the current generation along with the issues frequently faced by the students, the Counsellors conduct approximately 30 HRD sessions through the year. These sessions cover topics like peerpressure, self-esteem, building healthy relationships, emotional intelligence, sexual intelligence, etc. The sessions involve psycho-education on the topic, followed by self-reflections, group activities, etc. The aim of these sessions is to help students become more aware of themselves, and at the same time aware of others around them, in this way developing empathy for each other.

In addition, guest speakers who are experts in the field are invited to speak on topics which are relevant to the students, like deaddiction, prevention of sexual harassment, suicide prevention, etc.

SJCC offers financial aid to students that require it, in the form of various scholarships. Since the counsellors are closely in-touch with the students and their backgrounds, they are able to recommend students that require and deserve the support.

Student support:
Sometimes a student’s personal difficulties reflects in their performance at college, the counsellors keep a track of their performance like attendance and academic scores to see if additional support needs to be provided. In addition, teachers refer students to the counsellors when they feel that the student requires emotional or mental support. Family members are also met by the counsellors when the need arises.

Counsellors create peer study groups for students that find challenges in the subjects, with special emphasis on sports students.

Our Counsellors

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