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SJCC-Innovation and Incubation Centre aims to be a stepping-stone for its thriving incubates who are driven by passion to bring about a change and to be the change-makers. The IIC seeks to equip its students with resources to surpass economic perils, creative blocks, lack of mentorship and market conditions. IIC bridges the gap between the entrepreneur and her/his vision, with top-notch resources and guidance thus aiming for a right balance between theory and practice aiding their entrepreneurial journey. The Centre envisions to build a generation of solid minds with a rounded personality to justify the men and women of tomorrow.


Our vision is to be a centre of innovation and excellence that synergises harmonious relationship between the academia and industries that fuels entrepreneurial spirit and to build resilient, creative & futuristic entrepreneurs who will uphold values of the society.


To focus on growing, developing and mentoring student startups and creating student entrepreneurs.
To influence and induce core entrepreneurship values in incubates and persuade them to strive for excellence and success in whatever they do.
To ignite the spark of innovation and creativity amongst students that results in stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit.

Facilities provided at IIC
• Infrastructure – standardized labs, equipment, and workspace.
• Network and Engagement – ties with various institutions, alumni, mentors and collaborations.
• Training – idea generation, business development, skill-set equipment
• Curated Mentorship and Academia - professionals from various arenas, seasoned expertise,
  observation and feedback, personalized guidance and relationship-building.
• Capital – backing in terms of funding opportunities and resources
• Awareness – start-up culture, markets, untapped opportunities, government concessions.

IIC student core team

Shrerina Samatani

Mohit Shivkumar

Neel Mehta

Kunal Gadaya

Vijay S

Akash Udupa

Pranal Dathan

With an extensive assemblage of alumni, who have succeeded as entrepreneurs and leaders in various fields, who will be instrumental in proving the aspiring entrepreneurs with substantial support and skills- be it technical or interpersonal. The Innovation & Incubation Centre stands for limitless thoughts and ideas of young minds, and that is only possible by fostering the entrepreneurial spirit, thus the innovative spirit.

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