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Student Support

Student support and progress is one of the core criteria that the institution strives to attain through its educational pursuits and extracurricular activities. All through its diversified programmes and ventures, it aims to drive students’ passion and intellectual curiosity towards their subjects of interest.

Mentorship programme, workshops, guest lectures, industrial visits, pre-placement support and guidance help students in their academic journey. The institution provides a supportive environment to students from disadvantaged backgrounds by granting them financial aids and scholarships. Students who require academic support are also given additional help through individual tutoring and remedial classes. Confidential counselling sessions are organized to improve the mental health and well-being of students.

Mentorship Programme
The role of the mentors is to contribute to the holistic development of the students under their care. Mentoring is to be supportive towards the student and to help a student in any specific way in which he or she may require guidance. Each class has a mentor. The role of the mentors is to be supportive towards the student and be the link between the student and the department, the subject teachers and the students, the parents and the students and between the students themselves. They contribute to the holistic development of the students under their care.

Counselling and Spiritual Support
The College provides the students with the services of professional counsellors to tackle their emotional and academic problems. While the students are encouraged to visit the counsellors through voluntary appointment, the college may also refer students who may be judged to benefit from such referral. Regular value inputs are given to all students in order to deliberate on and assimilate human, social and spiritual values. Besides, a multi-religious prayer room is provided for yoga, quiet relaxation and prayer during recess hours.

Student Academic Support
Students who require additional academic support are offered help through bridge course, remedial classes, peer teaching and by providing individual attention to students. The academic performance of all students is tracked by the class mentor and those who require special attention are enrolled into buddy programme (peer to peer teaching). Apart from this support is given in the form of suggesting specific books, youtube lectures, and online content. The college makes its best effort to provide any kind of academic support that a student requires.

Scholarships and Freeships
With a view to promote quality education, SJCC offers financial assistance to all deserving students. Students who require financial assistance, owing to their economic background can apply for scholarships. Students who excel in co-curricular, extra-curricular and sports activities are also eligible to apply for scholarship.

Mid-Day Meal Scheme
The College provides mid-day meal scheme for economically challenged students. Morning breakfast is served under this scheme to sports students.

Placement and Career Services
The College offers placement and career support to students on and off campus. In addition to this, the Placement Cell actively organizes Pre – Placement Training sessions such as career guidance, recruitment training, mock interviews, and mock aptitude tests, etc., thus grooming students to confidently step into the corporate world.

The institution endeavours to equip the students with skills that complement their classroom learning and offer them an opportunity to engage with real life work commitments through mandatory summer internships. All students are required to undergo an internship for a period of four to six weeks before the commencement of the fifth semester. In addition, the B.Com (TT) students are required to do a second internship in the hospitality industry and BBA (Entrepreneurship) students in a start-up company before their third semester. Successful Internships by the students have often paved the way to great achievements including placements, research and entrepreneurship.

International Desk
St. Joseph’s College of Commerce has a stimulating vision for its students, with a focus on innovative ways to add value to their learning through internationalization. International Desk initiates dynamic programmes of strategic alliances with some of the top universities abroad and various on-campus interactive activities. The key objective of the International Desk is to provide an international educational exposure to our students, promote and offer global opportunities, as well as develop intercultural understanding among students. The work of the International Desk has resulted in many academic and cultural exchange programmes for students and staff.

Citizenship Training and Students’ Council
Citizenship training is aimed at initiating the student’s social responsibility in upholding and adhering to the law and order of the society and creating. a healthy environment. To inculcate this virtue, the Students’ Council and Office bearers are elected by the students. The student council is elected by the students through an election conducted using EVMs. The student council is part of an attempt to democratize governance and leadership roles within the college. It is headed by the Student Governor- a faculty member, and is responsible for student activities in the college.

The student council is an active body that provides support to students, acting as a bridge between the student community and the management while also promoting cultural, literary and sports activities among students.

Co-curricular Activities and Festivals
The College makes a positive effort to combine curricular and co-curricular components while shaping the year’s program. While SPIEL, an intercollegiate sports tournament, attends to forging of friendships through sportsmanship, CHANAKYA, VIRTUOSO, CIPHER, the Business Fests of B.Com. & BBA respectively, as well as ENACT (Theatre Fest) in Kannada, Hindi and English aim at giving value addition to the curricular knowledge that the students are expected to assimilate. In addition, the college specially focuses its attention on providing an Indian cultural ambience in order to safeguard and promote the precious treasures of Indian culture and art. KALOTSAV & DHWANI are the concrete expression of this endeavour. Fests like FIESTA are organized for the lesser privileged and act as a platform to showcase young talents. EVES celebrates the true spirit of womanhood and all things feminine. TURAS, the Travel and Tourism fest is organized to promote tourism in Karnataka and promote the rich cultural heritage of the State.

Extension Activities
Real education begins with experience and experience can be found only if one steps out of one’s comfort zone. Outreach programmes form the core of education at SJCC. They are an integral part of the curriculum. These programmes are also a way of using academic knowledge for the betterment of society. Social internships and community service are mandatory for awarding degrees. Associations like NSS, CSA, AICUF, ROTARACT, ECO CLUB organize events throughout the year aimed at developing an understanding of our society; connecting with marginalized communities and reaching out to those in immediate need of our help.

The Bangalore Jesuit Education Society, in association with its institutions has created the ‘Bembala Outreach Programme’. The objective of the programme is to reach out to the community with young students who can contribute to the community due to their knowledge and institutional resources. The programme effectively exposes the young students to the hardships and challenges of life faced by the lesser privileged groups of the society. This helps in creating awareness amongst the students and simultaneously hones their skills, impacting community life at large.

Associations & Clubs
The cultural, literary and business associations and clubs in college cater to the diverse interests and creative talents of students. There are about 41 clubs and associations in the college and students are free to join any of them. The clubs and associations conduct activities throughout the year and take learning beyond the classrooms. Students are encouraged to be part of at least one association or club in the first academic year.

Sports and Games
The Institution emphasizes on the development of physical prowess along with intellectual growth in its endeavour to provide holistic education. The College has carved out a name for itself in the field of sports and games. Students are encouraged to participate in inter-class and intercollegiate tournaments. For students’ training and fitness, a well-equipped gym with latest equipment is provided.

Grievance and Malpractice (Prevention & Redressal) Committee
Any type of grievance that the student might have pertaining to other students, management, staff, infrastructure, CIA, examinations, etc., must first be discussed with the concerned teacher/Class Mentor/ Controller of Examinations and then brought to the notice of this committee. The committee will examine the complaint and suggest appropriate measures and actions to provide justice to the student.

Sexual Harassment (Prevention and Redressal) Committee
The Institution has constituted a Sexual Harassment (Prevention and Redressal) Committee to ensure that the students, teachers and non-teaching staff can work together in an environment free of gender violence, sexual harassment and discrimination on the basis of sex and gender. Students who feel they are victims of sexual harassment can complain in person to the Committee or send an email to the competent authority.

Anti–Ragging Cell
To root out ragging in all its forms from the institution, an anti-ragging cell has been established as per the guidelines of UGC. Ragging in any form is totally banned in the entire institution and strict action against those found guilty of ragging and/or abetting ragging is taken. All complaints pertaining to any kind of ragging by any student/group of students of the College, inside or outside the College campus may be reported to ‘Anti-ragging Cell’ by writing a letter or sending a mail.

Equal Opportunity Centre
The Institution has established an Equal Opportunity Centre, as per the guidelines of UGC, to oversee the effective implementation of policies and programs for disadvantaged groups, to provide guidance and counselling with respect to academic, financial, social and other matters and to enhance the diversity within the campus.

Student Welfare Committee
In addition to the several initiatives of the Institution in maintaining the student welfare, there is also an exclusive committee established for the same. This committee meets from time to time to discuss issues and suggest measures for the welfare of the student community.

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