Workshops conducted:

A two-week employability training workshop was organised to groom the skills of our academically oriented students in order to make them industry ready. XamFirst Education Pt. Ltd conducted this Campus Recruitment Training workshop from the 25 th of June to the 7 th of July 2018 for seventy-five final year students. Spread over a period of two weeks, this workshop included quantitative modules, logical reasoning, resume building, mock interviews and soft skills development sessions.

A workshop on “Career Roadblocks and Breakthroughs” was organised for the final year Under Graduate Students on 29th August 2018 in collaboration with Gyan Solutions. This workshop created an awareness among the students about the hurdles they will face as they enter the corporate world (and throughout their career), and how to overcome them effectively.

A two-day workshop was conducted on January 2019 to equip students who are placed in the 'Big 4' to get accustomed to corporate life by bridging the Gap from theory- based education to practical application. The skill the gap team headed by Phil Abernathy conducted the workshop. The workshop consisted of various team building activities, communication tips and how to solve confrontations in the work place, addressal of grievances in work place and a session on effective leadership.

XamFirst Education Pvt. Ltd also conducted Career Mapping Sessions for 25 second year students to map the strengths with the career they aspire for in the future. Each student was counselled to create his/her Career Action Plan. The Career Mapping Session began on 21st July 2018 and the session was spread over 6 to 7 days that included one psychometric test and one aptitude tests followed by one on one session with the student.

Scolaire was held on the 10th of August, 2018 to generate awareness about the prospective professional, public service roles, bank related jobs, the various competitive exams, national and state level exams and alternative knowledge avenues for the first- year undergraduate students. Two local colleges participated in this event as well.

Financial Markets, especially the Capital Market has the fastest growth rate amongst the various service industries. This has given lot of job opportunities and a challenging career to young incumbents. On the above-mentioned objective, a webinar for all BCOM/BBA Students a one-day webinar was conducted on the topic "Foundation Programme in Capital Market/ Wealth Management- "Gateway to Financial Freedom" The webinar was conducted on 05 November, 2020"